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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Salad Cutter Bowl

₱599.00 ₱1,198.00

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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Salad Cutter Bowl

₱599.00 ₱1,198.00

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Make healthy fresh salad in just 60 seconds!

Finally a fast, easy, virtually mess-free way to enjoy a healthy meal everyday!

Fast, Easy, Safe. Making fresh & healthy salad is no longer a chore. Rinse, chop and serve any salad in a short time with Upgraded Salad Maker. Less tools and never cut fingers. Great Choice for salad lovers.

The wave cam lifts the slits away from your ingredients, and sets them up for a perfect criss cross cut!

  • Durable and convenient 
  • Convenient for picnic use
  • Safe to use never hurt your finger and nutrition balanced
  • Easy to clean and store


✅ Upgraded Design: It can be hang to dry, juice can be stored in the sink, easily rotate the bowl by holding the wings on both sides.
✅ Item Size: 10.5*8.7*4.8 inch, enough for 4-5 people serving.
✅ Please rotate the bowl only, do not rotate together with the food.
✅ Hard ingredients are not recommended. Make sure the ingredients fit 3/4 of the bowl.

salad chopper bowl
60 Seconds Salad Cutter Bowl easily Rinse ,Chop and Serve almost any salad in Seconds! The unique slits take all the hassle out of rinsing and straining and allow you to chop the ingredients all at once!It's the easy way to healthy,
fresh salad everyday.

Just give your Salad Cutter Bowl a quick rinse or pop it in the dishwasher. No more mess, no more stress. Now you can enjoy a healthy, delicious salad in seconds.

  • QUICK AND EASY SALAD PREP - Our all-in-one salad cutter bowl allows you to wash and chop your salad ingredients in seconds, taking all the time and hassle out of making the perfect salad.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SALAD TYPE - Multiple knife slots and a clever rotating design make it equally easy to prepare finely sliced, chunky or diced salad. It can also be used to slice fruit!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The salad cutter bowl is dishwasher safe or can be given a quick clean with warm, soapy water.
Help maintain a healthy lifestyle with fresh salads that you can prepare in a matter of seconds! The Salad Cutter Bowl can be used as a bowl to wash your ingredients in and a quick, easy way and to slice and dice your salad how you like it.

How To Use:

      Prepare the perfect salad in just four simple steps!

  • 1. Put your ingredients into the bowl and wash to clean. Ingredients should not be more than 3/4 of the bowl.
  • 2. Close and connect the bowl to the base.
  • 3. Chop ingredients through the slits of the bowl
  • 4. Rotate the bowl 90 degrees, chop it again!
  • 5. Done! Enjoy your healthy fresh salad!

The bowl combines the function of containing and filtration; the pedestal can be used as a cut board. Just set them up for a Perfect Cross Cutting, Spin the strainer and Slice your fruit or vegetable smaller.

The Salad Cutter Bowl makes salad preparation easier than ever. You can fill an entire bowl with a salad in less than 60 seconds. All the convenience without the mess and hassle of a cutting board. It makes fruit and veggie salads. Its slices, serve and strain quickly and easily. The wave cam design lifts and slits away from your ingredients and sets them up for a perfect criss-cross cut. Fast: Straining, slicing and enjoying is a breeze with 60-Second Salad Maker!

Functional: The wave top can be used as a strainer, with which can wash your lettuce together, the cover can be used as a cut board, just sets them up for a perfect criss-cross cut. Rotate the wave cover to slice your lettuce smaller.

The salad container matches with a variety of foods,Keeps Balanced Nutrition . Indeed A great helper for Your healthy life.

Finish with only 60 seconds
Safe: Never worried about cutting your fingers
Clean: Cutting board free,direct making,more clean
No waste: Just one bowl
Nutrition balanced: matches with a variety of foods



  ·    1x Salad Cutter Bowl
  ·    1x Salad Cutting Board



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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Salad Cutter Bowl

₱599.00 ₱1,198.00

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