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Electric Barbecue Grill

₱999.00 ₱1,998.00

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Electric Barbecue Grill

₱999.00 ₱1,998.00

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This electric grill is a product that you can carry anywhere, especially for indoor parties, hangouts, and when traveling.It can be used mostly outdoor it is a very light-weight grill, and not heavy at all. It is also extremely durable to withstand harsh weather conditions. This is a product that does not have any hassle about its working and set up. It comes with a unique design and technology. You can grill any type of food, with the help of this grill. 

This electric grill can also roast food and does create smoke, but it is a pollution-free product and is safe to use among kids and pets.

In fact, we highly recommend you bringing one to your next outing! Bring your meat in a cooler or ice box and you've got the makings of an unforgettable barbecue.


✅ With power indicator light
✅ Detachable, three heights adjustable grill wire - fast grilling - grilling, warm keeping
✅ Chrome grill
✅ Durable stainless steel heating elements
✅ Easy-to-clean electric barbecue grill
✅ Automatic control with thermostat
✅ Cool touch handles
✅ Lightweight and easy to carry around
✅ Durable Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic body and stainless steel grill.
✅ Micro-switch for safety lock feature and automatic shutoff
✅ Control the heat to your desired temperature


A Electric Barbecue Grill is perfect for both business and pleasure as one has the opportunity to get the family together, show-off one's cooking skills, and meat new steak-holders. 
Electric Barbecue Grills are a very effective way to BBQ Food - indoors or out. Complete control over the heat allows food to be cooked perfectly with grill lines as you have never had before. This particular Stylish model is supplied with an adjustable height grill, handy shelf, adjustable thermostat for complete control and a drip tray for fat collection. Easy to remove parts to clean.



  • Great for Barbeque-style cooking :
    You can cook skewers with the best taste, and tomatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables next to skewers will be a really good meal.
  • Simple to use : Easy to use- one touch operation, no assembly required, Easy to Clean - adjustable stainless steel grill and removable drip tray to catch excess fat and oil
  • Flame grilling method: It is made by grilling method which is eaten in Korea, so smoke and smell are greatly improved and quickly separates the fat oil from grilling. A variety of dishes are available, including corn, sweet potatoes and skewers.
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Grill :Stainless steel, which is easily separated, is durable and lightweight. It is possible to clean after separating stainless steel which is not hot after grilling.
  • Bottom tray catches fat : When you bake meat, get a lot of oil. The orange barbecue grill is supposed to drop the oil down the tray. So you can enjoy pleasant and healthy food. 
✅ Size: L48cm x W28cm
✅ Cord Length: 12cm
✅ 230v-50hz , 2000watts
✅ With power indicator light
✅ Chrome grill
✅ Durable stainless steel heating elements easy-to-clean electric barbecue grill
✅ Automatic control with thermostat
✅ Cool touch handles
✅ Detachable, three heights a adjustable grill wire
      -Fast grilling -Grilling,warm keeping - Warm Keeping

Package Includes:
1x Electric Barbecue Grill set
1 x Manual

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Electric Barbecue Grill

₱999.00 ₱1,998.00

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