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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Galaxy Bracelet

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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Galaxy Bracelet


Wear the Universe and Galaxy on your wrist with this one of a kind Galaxy Bracelet!  

Be the center of your YOU-niverse when you wear this Universe Charm Bracelet! Handmade from natural stones, its beads are crafted with an intricate design to perfectly depict the celestial bodies in the solar system. They represent the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Measures 8" with an elastic band.

Mars: Pink Agate
Moon: Moonstone
Earth: La Ven Agate
Venus: Tiger's Eye
Mercury: Howlite
Pluto: Brownstone
Neptune: Frosty Agate
Uranus: Cyan Agate
Saturn: Matte Map
Jupiter: Brown Agate

Our Galaxy Bracelet puts the solar system on your wrist. The cool design includes beads that are specially crafted to look like the planets, including Earth, Venus, Saturn, and more! 

Athena Galaxy Bracelet - HYGO Shop

It is made with hand picked high quality natural stones to model the breath taking universe that will have you mesmerized and dreamy. The stones are faceted to make it unique and gives it a realistic feel.


Galaxy Bracelet - this bracelet was also made specifically with space lovers and aspiring astronauts in mind with its high quality stones you will feel like you’re in space too!

Lightweight - although this one of a kind bracelet is made of high quality stones it is still very lightweight.. so much so you might even forget you’re wearing it

Great Gift - these bracelets makes amazing gifts during the holiday season! Be the talk of the town this winter with your incredibly thoughtful and functional gift!

Galaxy Bracelet – TheGalaxyWarehouse

  • Specially crafted beads made to resemble the planets in our Solar System
  • Classic and comfortable
  • Unisex design
  • Variety of style options


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Buy1 Take1 Promo - Galaxy Bracelet


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