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Ionic Detox Foot Spa

₱1,799.00 ₱3,598.00

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Ionic Detox Foot Spa

₱1,799.00 ₱3,598.00

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Cleanse and detoxify the body with this spa treatment at home!

Detox in 20 minutes, Cleanse organs and increase energy and improve sleep. This simple to use Detox Foot Spa will cleanse the body and give a healthy lasting feeling


Array is necessary for ion cleanse detox foot spa, without it,  machine can not work.. And the function of ion cleanse detox foot spa is as below:

  1. An external detoxification method, which removes toxins through feet;
  2. The body detoxifies while comfortably seated with feet placed in a container with warm water; 
  3. By infiltration of ion, it can strengthen cell activity, improve metabolism, active the ferment in body, promote the detoxification of liver, reform dropsy, rheumatism and arthritis;
  4. Promote the blood circulation and metabolism;
  5. Dissolving the fat expels the toxin, increasing immune system;
  6. Stimulate the brain cell, do away with the pressure, alleviate tired, increase sleep quantity;
  7. Quick instauration physical strength, invigorate the spirit, increase attention


  • What you can expect to feel when use it: feel lighter and sense of well being.
  • People with pain, edema, gout, swollen or deteriorating joints report considerable relief.
  • Skin rashes and pimples, dark circles around eyes, swollen joints are substantially reduced and in some cases even eliminated

Weight Loss Benefits of Foot Detox from Matrix Spa & Massage


  1. Put the plastic bag on the foot basin, pour the warm water.
  2. Add 0.1 g of salt in water.
  3. Place the ion head in the center of the foot basin and connect the main unit.
  4. Connect the power supply to the host.
  5. Put your feet into Plastic Basin, open the button in the control panel.
  6. When the host is working, it will light up. Each lamp illuminates for 5 minutes and the treatment lasts for 30 minutes.
  7. The buzzer will sound at the end of 30 minutes and all the lights will flash four times indicating that the job has been completed

Ionic Foot Detox Spa Set | Mexten Product is of High Quality

Ionic Foot Detox Spa Set | Mexten Product is of High Quality


  1. The black array for all detox foot spa machine can durable lasts between 40-60 uses each
  2. The black array for all detox foot spa machine is standard size, compatible with most Ionic machines
  3. The array is double row coils instead of single like other
  4. The array is  stainless Steel for superior performance
  5. The array is low maintenance, just spray with water and brush.
  6. The arrays is manufactured with a hole in the bottom for internal cleaning access.

Material: Stainless Steel
Water Capacity: 8-10L
Inner Barrel Depth: Below 20cm / 7.9inch
Item Size: approx. 9.5 * 6.5cm / 3.7 * 2.6inch
Package Weight: approx. 218g
Item Type: Detox Array

Package includes:

  • 1x Ionic Detox Foot Spa
  • 1x Power Adapter

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Ionic Detox Foot Spa

₱1,799.00 ₱3,598.00

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